The main goal of Kinetic Art Festival of Light, established by Lux Pro Monumentis, is a permanent change of the city’s image that would attract the number of people seeking aesthetic sensations that can be provided by light and the most impressive technology. We believe that the Festival with its unusual forms of exposure has a chance to alter the image of Lodz. Light as a medium is the least intrusive and, at the same time, the most effective way of getting the attention of multiple recipient. Festival’s events are addressed to all people taht are aesthetically sensitive, tempted by something intellectually stimulating. All of it can be provided by light.

Every edition of Light. Move. Festival. meets with great interest of dwellers and tourists. Free and open form of the event allows everyone to participate. Every year the intention of Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation is to make these tree days of the Festival the time when the city is crowded , cheerful and capable of become artistically inspiring for locals, tourists and people associated with culture.

The concept of Festival of Kinetic Art of Light, Light. Move. Festival., materialized at the turn of 2009 and 2010. Beata Konieczniak and Norbert Wasserfurth – Grzybowski were the initiators and main contributors.